Our team of proven experts have successfully delivered projects on a global scale in demanding circumstances. This is the value of CHC:


  • world class expertise with an open mindset
  • merging sophistication and function in project delivery
  • proven partnerships with leading specialist organisations


All integrated into a well-oiled team that can successfully execute projects.


Our Process: Projects are first scrutinized, the right questions asked, and then taken through a proven systematic Stage Gate model and Critical Integrated Project Execution (CIPE) planning process to define an integrated and comprehensive project roadmap in which key risks are identified and mitigated in the execution of the project plan.


Planning: Projects are planned on three different levels to ensure alignment between the conceptual, logical and specific details of the project. The Business Development, Operational Development and Engineering activities are all integrated through Project Management processes.


To date, CHC has outperformed the market average for project delivery on cost and schedule. The combination of systematic planning, a leading edge approach on project execution and a highly experienced team provides results.


Take a look at our portfolio to take advantage of the opportunities in our project list. Contact Us here to learn more about investing in our projects.